3 Months Of Daily Photos And What I Learned From It

jorg-mosaicPretty proud with my new daily habit: publish 1 extreme sports photo everyday! For the last 3 months I did this everyday and it has been a pretty good photography workout as well.

I’ve been so critical about my own work in the past, it wasn’t even funny anymore! While I shot for example 1000 photo’s during an extreme sport event, I was at the point of only publishing 2-4 photos that were ‘good enough’ to be published.

Soon I understood that this was somewhat too extreme and needed to change this habit. So with literally ten’s of thousands of photos on my storage drive it was time to get into the habit of not only shooting a photo but also developing a photo to my liking and Adobe Lightroom was my weapon of choice.

Where in the first few days and weeks I only played with cropping the picture, getting some good color and sharpening what needed to be sharpened, after 3 months of daily working with Lightroom I’m really starting to use the tools and creating some art.

It’s funny to see that even some photos that came out of the camera with the label ‘not worthy’, are now some of my best photos published. Now I’m not only in love with taking photos themselves but also developing them to a nice piece of art to display as well.

Lets continue with this habit and see where it will bring me in the future!