6 Months Of Daily Photos

20130522-KasToday 6 months ago I decided to publish a daily photo about extreme sport. While it sometimes wasn’t easy in the first few weeks to get started and create a photo, nowadays that part is the easy part. The only problem that has occurred is that I want to create higher and higher quality photos each day.

I used my catalog of photos that I shot with my DSLR since the summer of 2010, the period I started making photos with my first Canon EOS (a 550D that got stolen the year after). So I had loads of photos to select from, from all different kinds of shoots: skateboard and snowboard events, trips to the snow, random extreme sport photos, staged shoots and much much more. But… that supply has almost depleted, which means I need to start shooting much more good quality photos if I want to continue doing this daily thing for another 6 months.

At least a daily habit has been born. Early in the morning I fire up Lightroom to browse my catalog and search for the photo to use for the day. Sometimes I find it in minutes and sometimes it take me around 30 minutes to find the canvas that I’m going to use. First thing I do, I determine the composition and how I’m going to use my photo, so a bit of cropping with the rule of thirds in mind and when I’m happy with the outline. If it’s a RAW photo, which I’ve been shooting in since 2 months now, I do a pre-sharpen on it with Niksoftware tool. After that I run it through the Dfine function (also from Nik) to remove any unwanted noise in the photo. And then the creating really starts.

20130531-Kas MontanaWhat shall I do today? Another BW? Color popping? Dark grunge? I try to diverse my selections each time so that I can learn as much about each style and ultimately create my own. One day I use some basic Trey Rattclif presets in lightroom and tune some of them, the other day it’s Nik’s Color Effex Pro or Photomatix for some HDR work. Depending on the mood, the canvas, the weather and the angle of the sun šŸ˜‰ it take me around 15-45 minutes to complete this step, but I even went as far as 2 hours with one photo to create my style.

When finished with the creation, it’s time to get an optimal delivery of the photo. Am I printing this? Is this photo to display on a computer/mobilephone screen? Before the final export I run the photo through Sharpener Pro to get the desired sharpening for the medium I will present it through. Then one final export to my drive and it’s time to upload to my place on the web…

Wow, that was fun! Lets do this again tomorrow!