Before & After

Lets talk about taking a photo and making a photo. In this post I will show you how the image looks when it comes out of my camera and how it looks after I made it a photo I’m really pleased with. This will also give you a small idea about what is possible.

Below is a photo I took a few years back with my Canon 550D and a Canon 70-200 F4 IS lens. On the left is the original which at the time I was so happy with. On the right you see the final photo. I used Adobe Lightroom and Niksoftware tools to remove any noise on the photo, then get the details up. Correct the color and get some more contrast and finally sharpen the whole thing.

This photo was taken as a JPEG at the time. Since a few months I shoot everything in RAW. Now that I know how big improvements you can make to these kind of photos in RAW, it’s pretty great to see what you can do in total, even when it’s ‘only’ a JPEG.

In the near future I will make some video’s about my work-flow. In the mean time, if you have questions, shoot!