Building My Portfolio

For the last 37 days I’ve been gradually building my portfolio of photos that I really like; publishing one photo a day. Photos that matter to me. Some people like them, other people don’t like them, that’s all just okay with me.

When I first started with photography I just published all the photos I took during a competition or event (sometimes over 1000). Lot of likes from people on Facebook  even when the quality of a lot of photos was really bad.

Now a few years later I still go to extreme sports events and shoot photos, but now I really only shoot for myself. Still I have over 1000 photos on 1 day, but in the end I might only pick 5 to 10 photos that I really like and publish those in my portfolio. Those are the photos that I wanted for myself.

People still ask me after an event if I have taken a photo from them, but it’s really hard to tell them if I have one, if it’s part of the 990 photos that I didn’t select. If I’m not happy with my own photo, it’s just not possible anymore for me to give it to them. Sorry guys! 😉

In the mean time I’m trying to figure out how to use the new WordPress media manager to show my portfolio on this website. So expect some updates in the coming week with the 37 photos.

Let me hear your suggestions and ideas about this in if you want!