Capturing Experience

Nike Stairset Snowbase

One of the things that came on my path about 10 years ago was a digital camera and I started playing with the thing: power it on, put it on automatic and press the shutter button. Yeah! Got a photo! As time went by I got more and more interested in trying to capture great moments in life of my own and others as well.

So around summer 2010 was the time that I got my hands on my first DSLR, a Canon 500D (after it got stolen, I got myself a canon 7D).

And so the addiction began… Nowadays I shoot extreme sports athletes doing their thing and everything related to it. In December 2012 I did a 31-day test of publishing 1 photo a day to see if inspiration stayed high and if I could find the energy and enthusiasm to focus on capturing great moments everyday. And it appeared to be!

So, lets keep a small blog about the things me and my dear Mr Seven Dee are experiencing!