Jorg JansenI coach people, create solutions, and make things happen.

With a long-term career in coaching businesses, people, and athletes in all kinds of different branches, cultures and sports, my passion for helping others reach their goals is my main objective.

Coach Jorg Business


With a good combination of people skills and a sharp vision of the future of business and IT, I use my logical thinking brain to get things done. I help businesses develop strategies and effectively execute tactics. Read more >

Coach Jorg People


My vision is that there is so much more potential in each person. My mission is to set this potential free by getting the person to think hard by evoking, provoking, and persuading. Read more >

Coach Jorg Sports


Reaching peak performance at the right moment and repeating this overall, while still enjoying what you are doing. Sports coaching is a specialty that Jorg has developed in coaching athletes in over 25 years now. Read more >