Launch Coach Jorg!

It has already been 15 years since the first time I gave someone advice on how to reach their goal. The thing is, I didn’t gave him the answer, because I didn’t know anything about the subject he was talking about, but I knew how to ask certain questions that made him dig deep inside himself and come up with solutions.

And there it was, Coach Jorg was born. From the beginning of my professional career I’ve always felt the need to help others find solutions, to empower others. There is not a more rewarding moment then helping someone get an ‘AHA!’ moment and seeing that passion and energy where he or she may continue with.

While I personally have a strong interest in other topics like tech, photography and extreme sports, coaching is something I can take with me literally everywhere, to every branch, culture or sport. I always find myself listening to people and businesses their stories and looking on ways to improve their situation.

In the last years I’ve written so many reports about the topic of coaching in business, with people and athletes. Dozens of presentations to audiences to give them the tools to think deeper and come with solutions. And especially in the last year I’ve really started to use the internet and all its possibilities to help even more people.

So for me it was time to combine all this work and give something back. My goal on this site is to give you tools, ask questions, and help you reach your goals. And of course if you like my way of working, I would gladly extend my help to an one on one session for your business, for you as a person or help you with your athletic goals.


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