Moment vs Movement

20121028-IMG_9317 A thought came over me today. I was thinking about photography vs videography and how one helps the other.

For me extreme sports photography is to capture an unique moment in a movement. A moment that has all the energy in the movement in it and gives you the feeling that that moment is the essence of the movement.

Now after some years I’m pretty sure to say that I can find that moment in a sports movement and if I’m really really trying my best I can capture that moment, the essence of it, and the best way to display it, so that people see the energy, focus and determination to get to that point.

I was looking back to some skateboarding and snowboarding videos I made 2-3 years back, at the time I just started with really exploring the art of photography. I looked at these videos with my new photographer eyes and really noticed that when shooting this videos I was just focusing on getting the whole movement on video; there was a focus on the complete movement. There was no focus on the moment in the movement.jaccoIn the last month I did some videos shooting (it’s been a while) and looked at this comparing with the old videos and noticed a natural focus on the important part of each trick, each movement. The videos looked easier to the eye and it was much more clear about what it was about and what the essence is about.

I’m truly convinced that photography will develop your eyes in a better tool. They make you see the world in ways you or others would otherwise never look at. Constantly searching for the one moment in time that you just need to click that shutter button. Becoming a good photographer will help you make better moving photos, video! There is a natural learning path with all the composition, lighting, focus and using all the tools that you need for photography to develop yourself in a videographer.

Maybe it’s time to explore that side as well and turn it around and create movement out of a moment again.