New Portfolio & Design!

jorgphotowebsiteIn the last few months photography has become something bigger for me then just a hobby. While I still shoot whenever I like, it has become much much more a work of art then just a click on the shutter button. Especially the post-processing work and planning how to do a shoot has significantly upped my quality of work and I’m very proud about that.

So, I thought it was a good time to, for the first time, create a good portfolio of my photographic work and put them on my website. At the same time, if you show a portfolio you need to have a website too match the quality of the portfolio. I worked pretty extensively to sort through all my photos and design a new site the last week and I’m glad to make the whole website with its portfolio out in the wild.

Enjoy the site, the portfolio and the daily photo project and if you want to contact me, you are at the right place.