Personal Posts Are Boring! But When I explain the meaning of life in 332 words, it gets better.

A beautiful image of space, not much to do with the post, but still beautiful.

A very old mind-map I once made and I still have says ‘ME’ in the middle. Sounds pretty ego-centric, but lets see how the tentacles grow.

What happens inside me and what happens outside me.

If I talk about inside me I talk about my organic carrier (body) and the mind it carries. Yes you can differentiate and categorize even further and start asking about the soul, brain, etc. But for me when I look at me, inside me, it’s about body & mind.

Outside me is a whole different thing once again. It’s the interaction of body and mind with the universe and everything in there. I like to use the word experience.

I experience people when I socialize with them. I experience nature when I look, smell and feel it. I experience fun when I do sports or do something with my family.

I don’t mean experience in the form of mastery but experience in involvement or exposure.

The last step is the most beautiful one and why I’m here. Create value.

This is the universe, now I add something that’s important to someone/thing, and… I’ve created value.

Making a drawing for daddy, teaching a kid to do math, creating a business to help people commute to work. It’s all about creating something that isn’t there yet, but is needed.

For me it’s all about:

  • Body – taking good care of my organic carrier and enjoy it to the best of my possibilities
  • Mind – taking good care of my brain & sould and enjoy it to the best of my possiblities
  • Experience – undergo as much experience as I can, be brave, enjoy, etc
  • Create Value – create as much value to this universe as I can

Yes, I could do better. On all four aspects. But I’m aware, happy and striving to improve. And that’s where it all start: improving! An endless pursuit of improving for the better. Kaizen!