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Project 365: Daily Photos – Finished!

Jorg Jansen Photography - SkateboardingToday marks a great day, a day that I’m pretty proud about! It’s day 365 of my project to publish a daily photo to my website and social presence online.

It’s been a pretty remarkable road with loads of ups and downs and while I didn’t manage to do real every day publishes for 365 days, I’ve always made up for it. In total I’ve missed 12 days of daily photos.

And now after 365 days, I’ve got 365 photos I really like. Photos I took on the day itself, or maybe photo from years back. All got the attention in my post-production setup. Clarifying, enhancing, bringing further emotion into it by tweaking.

Learning Daily Photos

Much I’ve learned of opening Lightroom and all the tools on a daily basis. Where I started with some basic cropping and auto-tuning the photos, I’m now at a point that when I shoot a photo it’s just a silhouette that I still have to paint with the emotion of the moment.

When I look back I see progression in all kinds of different forms. Progression in the use of different tools is of course one. Creation should not be limited by the tools available and it took time and effort to realize how to accomplish this with the tools at hand. I think it was between 5-6 months that I really started to understand the tools and was possibly. When I read back my post ‘6 Month of Daily Photos‘ it’s really workflow driven. I had to think a lot on how to use the tools.

After The First 6 Months

Around that time it became 2nd nature to walk around with the tools at hand. Not only the tools in the post-production process, but also the equipment I was using, the camera, lenses, flashes, etc. The thing is, that the more you start thinking you know how everything works, the more new stuff you find, the more creative ways you find to use all the tools to create that ultimate photo you have in your head.

The 2nd part of the year I was much less focused on workflow and started really working from a creative point of view. This was really something new. Instead of pushing buttons I had to think what I wanted to create, or just let it happen while moving around.

This creative process, that especially during the last 2-3 months erupted, is something special. It’s a new kind of way of looking at the world. You start looking in possibilities and solutions. It’s something that comes at a certain step in a learning process and it’s a great step!

For sure I’m not a master at this extreme sport photography, but I’m improving myself. Putting in the energy to learn and try-out new things. This creativity is the ultimate award of the time and energy I put in this project.

While at times I felt like quitting and renaming the project from Project 365 to project 180, I kept on pushing. It’s a strange thing to push for creativity. It’s not the same as process work where you can predict output. Saying to yourself that you have to create a photo that you need to publish everyday, even or especially on the days you absolutely don’t feel like it, is a new method of creating that I’m already using in all kind of other aspects of my life.

365 Photos

I’ve created 12 mosaic photos with all the 365 photos that I’ve made. One for each month. If you look at them you can clearly see how I’ve grown and where my head was in each phase. Amazing to see it back and something to hold on too for the rest of my life. Every so grateful for the photographer that gave me the idea to do a project like this for myself. I have no idea who it was, but here’s a real thank you: THANK YOU!

Month 1 - December 2012

Month 1 – December 2012

Month 2 - January 2013

Month 2 – January 2013

Month 3 - February 2013

Month 3 – February 2013

Month 4 - March 2013

Month 4 – March 2013

Month 5 - April 2013

Month 5 – April 2013

Month 6 - May 2013

Month 6 – May 2013

Month 7 - June 2013

Month 7 – June 2013

Month 8 - July 2013

Month 8 – July 2013

Month 9 - August 2013

Month 9 – August 2013

Month 10 - September 2013

Month 10 – September 2013

Month 11 - October 2013

Month 11 – October 2013

Month 12 - November 2013

Month 12 – November 2013