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Project Black & White

Jorg Jansen Photography - Black & White Sanne Buurma StaticMy daily photo project is still running (almost completed for 1 year!) and to keep things interesting and challenging for myself I decided to really focus on creating some good Black & White photos.

Before this learning curve it was all pretty simple. Whenever I wanted a Black & White photo I just clicked the button in Adobe Lightroom and it was good enough most of the time.

One of the things I’ve learned with my color photos is to bring the emotion of the photo back in the color and style being used. This sometimes means that I’m busy tuning the colors for a good hour before I’m satisfied (Fact: my longest color correction was around 2,5 hours).

Black & White How To

I thought long about this way of working and I really wanted to try this step with Black & White photography as well. In the beginning this was much harder, because of the color spectrum, you get much more emotion and feelings with such a photo then a standard color one. So besides using just the colors I also started using all the other variables like grain, borders, advanced filtering and much much more.

It took me some time to get a feeling how all these variables can create emotion, but trying it for the last month and looking back, I think I really nailed a few right on the spot with it. I need much more practice with this and while Black & White photography was already a special thing to me, I’ve got much more respect for it and probably can never just hit the Black & White button anymore 😉

Below a collection of my favorites so far. I will probably add a special Black & White portfolio to my site as well. Pretty excited to have learned something new.