Something Different

At the moment I’m in Egypt for a 2 week vacation with the family. Vacation is a big word, the only thing that’s different for me is the fact that I’m now in Egypt. I try to keep the same daily/weekly schedule and the same productivity and especially creativity as normal. So instead of making loads of photos of snowboarders and skateboarders, I now change my photography work to my more relaxed style of landscapes and people. This is something that brings me to a whole other world of photography, which is of course a good thing because then I can learn new stuff again.

So for the last week I’ve made around 600 photos of everything around me over here, and some photos are good and some are bad, but in general I try to do the same as with my extreme sports photos: capture the right moment. Because I have a lot more time with these kind of photos to prepare I can make better compositions and really plan and try to imagine what I want to capture. I really notice a difference after 8 month of daily photos in trying to find unique moments to capture, even when the subject is something completely different.

Below some examples of the work I did here. Another week to go, so lets see what more I can create.