Reaching peak performance at the right moment and repeating this in the long run, while still enjoying what you are doing. Sports coaching is a specialty that I have developed in coaching athletes in over 25 years now.

Coach Jorg SportsFrom general sport and health goals too high level national and international level athletes, every one of them has their own specific challenges.

After finding the real goals and defining them with the athlete, it’s time to create a strategy to reach them. From personal branding to find sponsors, to creating training programs to reach peak performance.

While there is a specialty in basic fitness (power, cardio, flexibility), track & field and extreme sports (See also my extreme sports company that provides general training in these sports: Shark Cartel), there is no limit in the type of sports goals I can coach. There is a big difference between a coach and a trainer, who has the specific knowledge to guide you through a real training program to improve your skills in a certain sport.