The Year Of The Knowledge Worker

Stop worrying that one day you will lose your best employee! It will happen anyway. Instead prepare you workforce for the future and start using the real power of the knowledge worker.

Start preparing your organization for the future of management: use your people as resources when you need them. Build a big pool of excellent knowledge workers.

The days that you had a complete team on your payroll are over. Even better: you don’t want a complete team of knowledge workers on your payroll at all!

Payroll workers are people who want stability and insurance. People who don’t want change. And you as a manager that works with knowledge workers want people who put their energy on the table. Who believe in what they are doing and dare to speak their mind. You don’t want cogs, you need intelligence!

Everything is a project these days, so just take what you want and don’t agree with a big bag of fruit, but only accept the shiniest and best pieces from the big basket! Be selective.

The excuse that it’s cheaper to have people on the payroll instead of hiring a freelancer is out of date! I’ve seen good freelancer do the work of 5 payrollers with a lot more visionary insight and energy then all of them together.

Choose: pay more and know that the job gets done with minimum interaction from you side, or pay less and pay for the consequences.

Don’t accept that your delivery company provides you with a certain certified guy from a pool of people. Demand that you get the right guy!


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